Reasons why cats are so funny


There is no doubt that cats have become the ultimate rulers of the internet. Images of funny felines have become an international language for people who want to express feelings or tell stories in a short, quirky way. We see kitties everywhere, from social media websites to news publications, from commercials to movies and music clips. They usually act as unwitting escorts of humans who happen to document their shenanigans. So, what makes these pets so funny and so popular?

Cats chose us not vice-versa

One of the reasons why cats are funny is that they are not fully domesticated. Contrary to dogs and their submissive behavior towards humans, cats never signed a contract of subordination. Around 8,000 years ago, humans kept small felines around to deal with pests. However, these feral kitties preferred living around us to stay away from more dangerous animals. Basically, they chose free food and protection over surviving into the wild. We might think that we have pet cats, but from their point of view, the cats have escorts.


Your kitty thinks you are a feline as well

Your cat does not see humans as different animals. They see us as like some kind of bigger, dumber biped felines. This is one of the reasons why they look at us so confused when we meow back at them. They have no idea what we are saying, simply because we don’t speak “cat” and our meowing tells them we are unable to communicate properly. So, the next time you and your Prague escort try to mimic your kitty, remember that your pet thinks he is stuck in a mental asylum.

Kitties are intrigued by random things

Having a cat means the bags and empty boxes in your house are not safe. The cat’s interest in small recipients that it can fill, regardless of their nature, is truly hilarious. Some kitties even ditch their custom-made beds to sleep in a TV-set box or a gift bag that you received from your ladies from the Escort Directory.

Cats have no reason to feel shame

A cat that mistimes its outdoor acrobatics only to land in a puddle of rain water is a funny sight to see. If that happened to you, right under the eyes of your Prague escort, you could not escape the feeling of shame. For the cat, however, this is just a random event that quickly vanishes from its memory. Felines have no sense of self-image, and the indifferent look on their faces when doing such silly things makes them even funnier.

Cats stay true to their nature…almost

Have you ever seen your cat viciously killing a small bird or a mouse? Cats do this because their predatory instinct has not left them even after millennia of living with humans. However, they are not killing because they are hungry. They do it to feed you and your escorts, because you look like unworthy hunters to them. Also, cat food tastes better than a skinny sparrow.

Cats don’t understand indoors

No cat owner has ever escaped the nightmare of seeing some of their favorite things being broken, spilled or savagely torn apart. Empty bottles, tea-filled cups, books, shoes and electronics – all seem to be completely defenseless when felines are around. We get angry or laugh at them whenever they break something. However, the truth is that cats have no understanding of modern appliances or decorations. That is the reason that makes it so hilarious to see your kitty being dumbstruck by the shiny necklace that your Prague escort gifted you.